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The Sciuto Expert Team

An Equipe of Expert Medical Consultants in skin care and anti-aging prevention for a timeless beauty. Dr. Chantal Sciuto in collaboration with other medical experts has created a Team that takes care of the patients in a multidisciplinary way, inviting them to an appropriate cure of the body, the recovery of the emotional balance and a nutritional education, enhancing the lifestyle and the aesthetic image.

Dr. Chantal Sciuto

After graduated in Medicine and Surgery with the highest of honors and praise, Dr. Chantal Sciuto specializes in Dermatology at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome. The interest in the process of premature skin aging has driven her research ever since the beginning of her specialization, attending the best Research Centers and Medical Institutes both in Italy and abroad; among which the Dermatology division at UCLA in Los Angeles, the Department of Cosmetic Dermatology of the "Santa Casa de Misericordia" and the Institute of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the PUCRS in Porto Alegre in Brazil, and the Institute of Dermatology of the Buenos Aires University, as well as the Specialist Clinic in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine directed by Prof. Alejandro Cordero in Argentina.
She took part as speaker in numerous national and international congresses and workshops in Dermatology, Aesthetics Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine.
She holds the position of Professor at the Link Campus University of Malta and carries out specialized courses at the International School of Aesthetic Medicine of the Fatebenefratelli in Rome, directed by Prof. C.A. Bartoletti.
For years she has been responsible for the Italian versions of encyclopedias regarding medical cosmetology and specialized treaties of aesthetic dermatology.
She was director of a wellness spa center in Tuscany.
She is part of the scientific advisor board for the aesthetic division of Johnson & Johnson,Allergan, and other professional cosmeceutical brands.
She has been involved in television and radio broadcasts for years, as a specialist in Cosmetic Dermatology and Anti-Aging Medicine in RAI television and other national and international networks. She writes, as a journalist, articals on medicine and wellness for prestigious national and international magazines and journals, and makes consultations in some specialized clinics in Italy and abroad.
She has her own clinic "StudioSciuto" in the center of Rome. She works with a team of doctors specialists that embraced the patient in a multi-disciplinary way, caring for the body, the emotional re-balancing, and food education, thereby enhancing the patient’s lifestyle and aesthetic image, into a "timeless beauty".

Prof. Steven Paul Nisticò

Specialized in Dermatology in 2001, now Associate Professor in Dermatology, practices his professional activity between Rome and London where he started Cellular Research in 2006 at the University College.
He is Honorary Research Fellow at the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research. Among the various professional experienced, a GEST fellowship at the University of Miami School of Medicine in 2003.
Author of over 50 impacted publications in Experimental and Clinical Dermatology his areas of interest are treatment and prevention of skin ageing, phototherapy and lasertherapy.
Author of the italian edition of the textbook : Laser and energy devices for the skin (EMSI editions, 2014). Speaker and Secretary of different congresses in Europe and in the USA; he is a member of the following scientific societies: SIDEMAST, AIDECO, ADMG, SILD, GILD Professor of Dermatology at University of Rome Tor Vergata, Catanzaro Magna Graecia and San Marino; Coordinator of the Master degree "Laser in Dermatology", at the University of Rome Tor Vergata from 2012.

Dr. Giuseppe Serpieri

Dr. Serpieri is an Italian Vascular Surgeon, specialized in advanced technologies for legs vein care and cosmetic medicine of the face and the body.
Lower limbs vein surgery, both for functional and cosmetic complaints, providing the full range of venous vascular and endovascular procedures:
- Thermo ablative endovascular techniques such as Laser (EVLA) and RadioFrequency (ClosureFast), and endovascular mechano-chemical ablation (ClariVein® device) and Cyanoacrilate (VenaSeal® Sapheon device) for the treatment of saphenous veins valvular incompetence
- Office-based varicectomy and microvaricectomy (hook avulsion) under local anesthetic
- T.E.L.C. Technique© (Transilluminated Endovenous Laser Coagulation) for the treatment of "reticular or feeding veins"
- Veinlite, Veinviewer and US-guided sclerotherapy
- EVRF (endovenous radiofrequency) and EVL (endovenous laser) ablation of Perforator veins
- Microsclerotherapy for the treatment of thread veins
- Management of superficial and deep thrombophlebitis
- Vascular US diagnostic examinations (average 2500/year)

Dr. Jörg Marris

Jörg Marris was born in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), he graduated in medicine at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt, where he received his PhD, before specializing in food science at the Deutsche Akademie für Ernährung.
Convinced opponent of the use of drugs within the controlled diets offers a natural approach to the problem of malnutrition and obesity, cellulite, in accordance with the latest scientific and medical advances.

Dr. Dario Bertossi

Prof. Dario Bertossi is Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery of the University of Verona.
He is Maxillo Facial Surgeon, Ent and Facial Plastic Surgeon. He published more than 140 papers. He gave more than 350 scientific communications and partecipatied in book and monographs chapters.
He is reviewer of Prs, Ajodo, Joms, Minerva medica e chirurgica, Prime.
He is known for his innovative surgical techniques and has been a visiting professor in University centers in the USA, Europe and South America.
He is a member of the following societies: AAFPRS, EAFPS, EACMS, SICMF, IAOMF, SIPMO, AICPE, AICEF, SIME, WOSIAM.

Dr. Rocco Carfagna

In october 2003 he graduates in medicine and surgery in "Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli" with a sperimental work on "flaps and graft innovations in cervico-facial reconstruction".
In december 2003 he reaches the qualification to operate as a medical doctor in "Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli".
In december 2009 he graduated as plastic and reconstructive surgeon in "Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli".
From 2008 he’s medical director of the study of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine of Salerno.
He’ s speaker in various other congresses and meetings in europe about his personal method to make a not surgical face lifting with his, under brewed, "mesoft-lifting".
From 2011 he’s m.d. scientific referent by merz aethetic europe and he forms other collegue to the correct use of the botulinum toxin and the calcium hydroxiapatite fillers and others injectable devices.
Actually he constantly work as surgeon and aesthetic md in Italy (Salerno, Napoli, Bari, Roma, Milano, San Benedetto del Tronto), in Spain (Granada, Marbella) and in Dubai.

Natalia Salchow

Since adolescence, she developed a strong artistic sense thanks to her father who was a plastic surgeon.
Soon after her school-leaving certificate, a patient of her own father guides her into the beauty's world, suggesting her to become part of one of the most important German school: the "Long Time Liner" school.
After some months of experience, she opens her first business and the she begin to discover that semi-permanent make-up can be a starting point where cosmetic surgery reaches its own limit.
Semi-permanent make-up always is her passion because of its cosmetic and therapeutic peculiarity.
Her profession eliminates some blemishes reinforcing and recreating the genetic symmetries, making the face as harmonious and natural as possible.
Since the beginning of her carrier, Natalia have got among her customers several celebrities that still address themselves to her for every kind of treatment: from the reconstruction of the eyebrows up to the semi-permanent make-up on mouths and eyes.
Natalia is keeping improving. She travels all over the world, keeps up-to-date and frequents the salons of the best teachers in order to exchange, learn and create new techniques.

Doctor Giada Robertucci

She graduated in sports science and specialized in postural treatment, Mezieres method, which actively retrains the patient's body with a manipulative specific treatment.
She is also master in professional therapeutic massages, especially concerning deep tissue for the connective disconnection, decontracting and lymphatic drainage with the opportunity to apply kinesiotaping at the end of the session.
Due to her great passion for the researching of disfunction causes, she decided to get into the world of osteopathy in order to assess the patient in both physical and psycho-emotional aspects that could affect the episodes of pain.

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