Personalized treatments with high dermocosmetics and medical technology for both face

Combination – Impure Skin

Treatment to detoxify and normalize di sebum production of the face’s skin. A deep cleansing and the application of an active mask to reduce the creation of sebum and special serums to make smaller the pores and to compact the skin.

Sensitive Skin - Reactive 50 min

A treatment designed to desensitize a momentary or lasting inflammatory state. Attenuate the flushes of capillary fragility and irritation with a range of custom applications and delicate movements up to cleavage. A soothing treatment to pamper the most fragile and sensitive of skins, and regain a state of brightness and widespread glow.

Dehydrated and Atypical Skins

Highly moisturizing and balancing treatment that acts on the skin barrier to restore and maintain optimal hydration of the skin. For those looking for a full spa and a water reservoir recovery, a number of plumping serums and cream applications for immediate and lasting action. A natural nourishment with the true source of health to obtain a soft and silky skin.

Opaque and Asphyxiated Skin

A series of applications perfect for a skin with faded and inhomogeneous color tone. Exfoliation to eliminate the corneal cells and to mitigate the small changes of color and the skin texture. A skillful massage to stimulate microcirculation and promote oxygenation and cellular renewal. A surprising result of a uniform color, a velvety skin and a newfound brightness.


In particular cases, when temporary blemishes appear, for exemple due to an active phase of acne or after platic and cosmetic surgery, it may be useful to operate with Camouflage technique. Results are instant so only one session is required.


Semi-permanent make-up can also, in certain cases, cover up visible scars. Some examples are varicella scars, little color variations (white marks on limbs), cleft lip, areolas. Only one session is needed to camouflage disabling blemishes.

Hair Loss

Those who are affected by hair loss (partial or total) lose their hair and body hair. The result obtained through permanent make-up is natural, and a perfect success depends on the size of the area that has to be treated in order to create a natural thickening.

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