Care and treatment of small varicose veins and capillaries. Micro surgery to perfect legs



(TELC Technique: Transilluminated Endovenous Laser Coagulation): it is the most advanced method in the treatment of "reticular varices," thin superficial varicosities of the thighs and legs, which in most cases represent the power source of teleangectasia ( "capillaries" ). A thin optical fiber, like a nylon thread, is inserted within these veins by means of a needle: a particular light source, called transillumination Percutaneous, facilitates the procedure. The laser energy causes the closure of the feeding vein capillaries, facilitating their subsequent disappearance. The surgery is ambulatory, requires a mild local anesthetic and allows immediate return to the daily activities. The most evident varicosities will thus be eliminated, without any residual scar; the next microsclero therapy of telangiectasia, during the following weeks, will complete the treatment.


The OUTPATIENT MICROSURGERY performed under local anesthesia and without hospitalization, allows to remove the varicose veins through tiny incisions made using the tip of a needle. This method allows to eliminate the traits of the sick varicosis sparing not damaged veins in a selective and targeted manner, it is painless and does not need the application of stitches, guaranteeing excellent aesthetic results as well as clinical. The recovery is immediate: the patient will be able to walk soon after the surgery. It will finally be possible to show off your legs shamelessly again.


Without cuts and anesthesia: From the USA the latest generation technology to eliminate varicose veins: The non-thermal ablation intravenous by echoguided infiltration of cyanoacrylate is the Newest and innovative treatment among the minimally invasive methods for the removal of the saphenous reflux. Its Efficacy and Safety have been widely demonstrated. Special features of the Procedure are represented from the fact that there is "no" form of administration of local anesthesia and "no" Application of elastic compression Post-Processing, “no” convalescence period and immediate resumption to Normal Daily Activities. AFTER insertion, using a particular needle, and ultrasound-guided "catheter", Cyanoacrylate, special biological adhesive , is released into the saphenous vein, obtaining the immediate and permanent closure. No scar residues.


Endovascular ablation of the saphenous vein with Radiofrequency ablation is the procedure of the saphenous vein with radiofrequency, a minimal invasive treatment carried out by inserting a special catheter that emits RF energy that is transformed into heat inside the vein causing the collapse and its consequent closure. The procedure, even in ambulatory surgical, is carried out under local anesthesia, with no residual scarring, with discharge within one hour from the end of the procedure. It will be made to wear an elastic stocking to keep for a few days. No walking aids; normal daily activities can be resumed the following day.


Prominent and visible veins of the forearm, the back of the hands and the feet, while not representing a disease of the circulatory system, however, are experienced as "annoying and unsightly". The microcoagulative endovascular laser ( "EVLA micro" or "micro T.E.L.C.") is the most advanced treatment that can reduce or eliminate these blemishes. The technique is similar to that used for the laser ablation of varicose veins of the legs: it is, however, uses a sophisticated extremely thin laser fiber (2 to 4 tenths of a millimeter) inserted into the vein to be treated by means of a thin needle. It is then delivered thermal energy which will lead to the immediate closure of the blood vessel. The procedure is ambulatory and requires a modest local anesthesia: no incision or residual scarring. At the end of the treatment it will be made to wear a special elastic sheath compressive or an elastic knee, the purpose of that is to reduce any swelling or bruising, and will be maintained for a few days. The resumption to normal activities is immediate; the gym will have to wait for a few days.


The capillaries of the legs are generally also regarded as an aesthetic problem, but often cause troublesome symptoms such as heaviness, pain, swelling. These symptoms can be solved with the elimination of the capillaries through microsclerotherapy. It consists of injecting inside the telangiectasias of specific chemicals using thin needles: the drug will act damaging the inner wall of the venous-vessels causing the closure, with their subsequent gradual resorption. At the end of the session of each treatment it will be applied a local compression, and it will be needed to wear appropriate elastic tights.

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